The School of Latin American and Global Studies - ELAG is a platform for debate, training, analysis and research on the major issues of the public agenda in Latin America and the world.

Its activities articulate and amplify, in a plural and open way, the most diverse intellectual, political, journalistic and cultural expressions of Latin American and international progressivism.

The School aims to contribute to the formation of political, academic, social and union cadres, public debate, programmatic discussion and intellectual contribution committed to the processes of democratic transformation and popular struggles at the global and regional level.

The activities of the School are aimed at militants and social activists, public officials, teachers, university students, academic researchers, leaders of political, trade union and non-governmental organizations, press workers and anyone interested in the challenges of democracy, politics and the struggles for equality and social justice in Latin America and the world.


Dilma Rousseff

Former President of Brazil, President of the ELAG Council

Alvaro Garcia Linera

Former Vice President of Bolivia

Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta

Minister of women, gender and diversity of Argentina

Celsus Amorim

Former Foreign Minister of Brazil

Pilar del Rio

President of the Saramago Foundation (Portugal-Spain)

Guilhaume Long

Former Foreign Minister of Ecuador

Executive coordination:

Carol Proner

Jurist and Doctor of Law. Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, president of the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy and director of the Joaquín Herrera Flores Institute (Brazil and Spain). He has published various works on lawfare processes in Latin America.

Pablo Gentile

Doctor of education. Professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. He has been director of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO Brazil, and executive secretary of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, CLACSO. Former chief of staff of Pablo Iglesias (Podemos, Spain), vice president of the Spanish government.
Former Secretary of Educational Cooperation and Priority Actions of the Ministry of Education of Argentina.



Matthew Gentili

Graphic / web design

Ferdinand Paladino
louis massolo

Art direction

Natalia Viglianco

Content coordination

Francisco J. Escobar Garcia

Support to members

Alanys de Faria


International Courses

With the great references of Latin American and world progressivism. They are held annually.

Thematic courses and forums

Dictated by academic specialists, political personalities and social referents from Latin America and the world.

Open Dialogues

On strategic issues on the Latin American and global public agenda.

Methodologies and practices

Permanent training space on critical research methodologies and practices.


Documents, texts, books for free and open download.

How to participate in the activities of the School?

Some of our activities are open, others are exclusive for our members. The association to the School helps us to develop our work agenda and to promote the training and research activities that we carry out. In addition, it allows to solve the costs of our virtual platform. The partners make a small monthly contribution through which they have free and open access to all the activities of the School, as well as those that have been carried out previously.

How to sign up and what does the association to the school

Signing up is very simple. You just have to fill out our registration form. You can fill it here.

By becoming a member, you can participate in all the activities of the School exclusively for our members: courses, forums, dialogues and publications. Also, you can receive your certificate of participation in courses and forums for free.

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