Human rights and memory policies

Horacio Pietragalla (Argentina) 
Secretary of Human Rights of Argentina (Coordinator)

Taty Almeida (Argentina)
Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line.

Victoria Basualdo (Argentina)
Coordinator of the Special Investigation Unit on crimes against humanity committed with economic motivation, dependent on the Secretariat for Human Rights. CONICET researcher.

Alejo Ramos Padilla (Argentina)
Federal judge

Class 1

Horace Pietragalla

Horacio Pietragalla reviews the history of the perpetuation of the military in power and the human rights violations that occurred in Argentina. In addition, he expounds on comprehensive reparation policies for the damage that the military dictatorship caused in the country. His reflection places special emphasis on the role played by organized militant groups that have historically fought for justice.

Class 2

Taty almeida

Taty Almeida narrates, in the first person, the fight for justice in the search for her son, Alejandro Almeida, a medical student detained-disappeared in 1975. By tracing a journey through the formation of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, she shows how the movements Argentine social organizations contributed to strengthening the fight for human rights, memory and justice.

Class 3

Victoria Basualdo

Victoria Basualdo exposes on a particular axis of the justice and memory process in Argentina: the commission of crimes against humanity with economic motivations. In the first instance, she reflects on some aspects of the process of memory, truth and justice in Argentina. Then, she reviews cases of prosecution of corporate responsibility in crimes against humanity and, finally, she refers to some of the challenges of linking the different dimensions of the field of human rights. 

Class 4

Alejo Ramos Padilla

Alejo Ramos Padilla carries out a historical and legal review of the human rights violations produced during the military governments that devastated Argentina. In his intervention, he revisits judicial cases and stories of activists who pursued the search for truth, justice and memory in Argentina, such as María Isabel "Chicha" Mariani, Alfredo Bravo, among others.

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