How can I participate of ELAG's activities?

Some of our activities are open and others are exclusive to our members. The partners make a small monthly contribution through which they have open access to all the activities of the School and have access to an unpublished catalog of courses with influential personalities from Latin America and the world.

How can I join?

Joining is very simple. Just fill out a brief registration form and make a small monthly or annual contribution, through Mercado Pago (Argentina) or PayPal (rest of the world).

Association with the School helps us develop our work agenda and promote the training and research activities that we carry out and pay the costs of our virtual platform.

Do I get a discount when I join annually?

Yes, when joining annually, a 20% discount is applied compared to the same period in the monthly modality.

What activities can our partners access?

Members can participate in all the activities of the School: courses, forums, dialogues and publications. In addition, they receive free certificates of participation in the courses and forums.

In which languages are ELAG activities available?

All classes have subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Chinese and Arabic.

Are the courses synchronous or asynchronous?

Our courses are asynchronous. Once uploaded to the platform they are always available. You can access whenever you want from your computer, cell phone, tablet or Smart TV.

How many classes does each course have and what is the duration of the classes?

ELAG courses generally have between 4 and 6 classes. Each class lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.

Can the partners have certificates of the courses taken?

All courses have certificates of participation, signed by ELAG coordinators. They can be issued from the platform and at no additional cost.

I am a member of Página 12, can I access the ELAG courses?

Yes, all members of Page 12 can request their ELAG membership for free.
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Does ELAG have open activities?

Yes, some of our activities are open and others are exclusive to our members. Among the open activities, the international courses held annually with great exponents of the Latin American and world agendas stand out.

Also available for free download ELAG publications in digital format (books and notebooks).

In addition, ELAG has a section for Open activities
in which they share some classes from our courses and forums for free.

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