Charles Figari

A seminar aimed at those who carry out their undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies in any field of the social sciences and humanities, developing a critical approach in their research and academic productions.

Coordination: Charles Figari and international guests 

Charles Figari He developed his teaching and research career in Argentina, Brazil and Canada. He currently resides in Spain. At the University of Buenos Aires and at CLACSO he was in charge of various seminars on epistemology and critical methodologies. His book, “Erotics of Dissidence in Latin America. Brazil, 2009th to XNUMXth centuries ”(CLACSO-Ciccus, Buenos Aires, XNUMX) has received various awards and recognitions.


1st class:
An introduction to Epistemologies-Critical Methodologies. Carlos Figari (ELAG)

2st class:
Situated knowledge and embodied objectivity. Carlos Figari (ELAG)

3st class:
Epistemic violence and decolonizing horizons in research. Moira Pérez (UBA-Conicet, Argentina)

4st class:
Research practices and Ancestral territorialities in Latin America / Abya Yala. Joice Barbosa Becerra (UBA-UNTREF, Argentina)

5st class:
Humanism and antispecism. Paula Viturro (UBA, Argentina)

6st class:
Objectification and Subjectivity: Black Masculinities. Osmundo Pinho (U. Reconcavo, Brazil)

7st class:
Anthropocene, feminism and epistemic injustice. Siobhan Guerrero Mac Manus (UNAM, Mexico)

8st class:
Trans Epistemology. Blas Radi (UBA, Argentina)

9st class:
Decolonial black feminist insubmissive epistemology. Angela Figueiredo (U. Reconcavo, Brazil)

10st class:
Eurocentrism in social theory. Criticism from peripheral feminisms. Rocío Medina Martin (University of Barcelona, ​​Spain)

11st class:
Topics of Epistemology / critical methodology. Carlos Figari (ELAG)

12st class:
Allegories for other versions of science. Carlos Figari (ELAG)

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