ELAG has among its teachers the most outstanding leaders,
progressive public figures and intellectuals from Latin America.

Adolfo PÃ © rez Esquivel (Argentina) - Nobel Peace Prize. Activist for Human Rights and democracy.

Worship Guamán (Ecuador) - Doctor of Law, specialist in labor law, university professor and researcher.

Alberto Fernández (Argentina) - President of the Argentine Republic

Alicia barcena (Mexico) - CEPAL Executive Secretariat

Alvaro Garcia Linera (Bolivia) - Former Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Anahi Durand (Peru) - Sociologist / Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru

Angela Figueredo (Brazil) - Professor and researcher Reconcavo University

Baltasar Garzón (Spain) - Former judge of the Spanish National Court

Beatriz Gimeno (Spain) - Director of the Institute for Women of Spain

benjamin alberti (Argentina) - Professor and researcher at Framingham College, United States

Blaise Radi (Argentina) - Professor and researcher UBA

Bruno Bimbi (Argentina Brazil) - Journalist, writer and doctor of language studies

Camilla Croso (Brazil) - Former president of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education

Carlos Alvarez Nazareno (Argentina) - Anti-racist activist, sociologist / UNIAFRO / UNSAM.

Charles Figari (Argentina / Spain) - Sociologist, teacher and researcher at CONICET

carmen beramendi (Uruguay) - Former National Director of the National Institute of Women

Carol Proner (Brazil) - Lawyer. Member of the Puebla Group and of the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy. ELAG Executive Coordinator.

Cecilia Nicolini (Argentina) - Advisor to the Presidency of the Nation of Argentina

Celsus Amorim (Brazil) - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

David Edwards (USA) - Secretary General of Education International

Diego Golombek (Argentina) - Executive Director of INET, Ministry of Education of the Nation. Researcher and disseminator

Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (Argentina) - Secretary of Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation, MINCyT

Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) - Former president of the Republic of Brazil.

Dora Barrancos (Argentina) - Feminist, social researcher, advisor to the Presidency of the Argentine Nation

Eleonora Menicucci (Brazil) - Former Secretariat of Women of Brazil during the government of Dilma Rousseff

Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta (Argentina) - Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation

Erica Hynes (Argentina) - Provincial deputy of Santa Fe. CONICET researcher

Ernesto samper (Colombia) - Former President of the Republic of Colombia and former Secretary General of UNASUR

Esperanza Martínez (Paraguay) - Former Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay

Eugenio Zaffaroni(Argentina) -  Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Former Judge of the Supreme Court of the Nation of Argentina

Gabriela cerruti (Argentina) - National Deputy and journalist

Gaspard estrada - Executive Director of the Political Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OPALC) of the Sciences Po University, France

Gerard Pisarello (Spain) - Lawyer, deputy and former vice mayor of Barcelona

Gisele ricobom (Brazil) - Lawyer, Doctor in Human Rights and university professor

Guillaume Long (Ecuador) - Former Chancellor of the Republic of Ecuador

Ignatius ramonet (Spain / France) - Former director of Le Monde

IRene Montero (Spain) - Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain

Jean Wyllys (Brazil) Brazilian journalist and politician. Former federal deputy

JBarbosa Becerra (Argentina / Colombia) - Researcher UBA / UNTREF

Jorge Alemán (Argentina / Spain) - Psychoanalyst and writer

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (Spain) - Former President of the Government of Spain

Jose "Pepe" Mujica (Uruguay) - Former President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Juarez Tavarez (Brazil) - Former Deputy Attorney General of the Republic of Brazil. Specialist teacher in criminal law.

Julian Macías Tovar (Spain) - Activist against digital disinformation and specialist in social networks

karina olive (Chili) - Political scientist and former candidate for the governorship of Santiago

Luciano Galup (Argentina) - Specialist in social media, political communication and data analysis

Manuela D'Avila (Brazil) - Politician and journalist. Former federal and state deputy.

Maria Viveros Vigoya (Colombia) - Former president of LASA and professor at the National University of Colombia.

Marcelo Cereijido (Argentina) - CINVESTAV, Renyu.

Marcia rivera hernandez (Puerto Rico) - Social researcher, political analyst and international consultant in human development. Former executive secretary of CLACSO

Marco Enriquez-Ominami (Chili) - Former deputy and presidential candidate. Filmmaker. Founder of the Puebla Group.

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Palop (Spain) - MEP and professor at Universidad Carlos III

Maria Fernanda Beigel (Argentina) - Institute of Human, Social and Environmental Sciences, CONICET

Maria Vanina Martinez (Argentina) - Researcher at CONICET / UNS / Sadosky Foundation

Mariela Castro (Cuba) - Director of the National Center for Sexual Education of Cuba. Deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power

Michael Cohen (USA) - Director of the Doctorate Program in Public and Urban Policies of the New School

Moira perez (Argentina) - Researcher and teacher UBA / CONICET

Nadine Gasman (Mexico) - Director of the National Institute for Women

Natalia Aruguete (Argentina) - Researcher (CONICET) and journalist

Nicolas Trotta (Argentina) - Minister of Education of the Nation of Argentina

Nilma Lino Gomes (Brazil) - Former Minister of Racial Equality of Brazil during the government of Dilma Rousseff.

Osmund Pinho (Brazil) - Professor and researcher Reconcavo University

Pablo Gentile (Argentina) - Secretary of Educational Cooperation and Priority Actions of the Ministry of Education of the Nation. ELAG Executive Coordinator

Patricia villegas (Colombia venezuela) - President of TeleSur

Paula Viturro (Argentina) - Researcher and teacher UBA

Pedro Serrano (Brazil) - Constitutional lawyer and professor of constitutional law

Ricardo Lodi Ribeiro (Brazil) - Lawyer. Dean of the Rio de Janeiro State University. Former National Treasury Attorney

Richard Stucker (Brazil) - Official photographer of the Presidency of Brazil during the two terms of Lula Da Silva

Rita bosaho (Spain) - General Director of Equal Treatment and Ethnic Racial Diversity of the Ministry of Equality of Spain

Rita Segato (Argentina) - Researcher, teacher, anthropologist and feminist

Roberto Carles (Argentina) - Argentine Ambassador to the Republic of Italy.

Rocio Medina Martin (Spain) - Professor and researcher University of Barcelona

Silvina Romano (Argentina) - Doctor in Political Science and researcher at CONICET

Siobhan Warrior Mac Manus (Mexico) - Teacher and researcher UNAM

Vernor Munoz (Costa Rica) - Former United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Right to Education

Victor Santa Maria (Argentina) - Former Deputy of PARLASUR. Union leader

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