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Course: Politics: territories of struggles and resistance

Speaker: Temístocles Villanueva (Mexico) – Deputy of the Congress of Mexico City

Class 4 of 4

Course: Ecofeminism and politics of the common

Speaker: Maria Eugenia Rodríguez Palop (Spain) – Maria Eugenia Rodríguez Palop (Spain) – MEP and professor at Carlos III University

Class 1 of 4

Course: Human rights and memory policies

Speaker: Horacio Pietragalla (Argentina) – Secretary of Human Rights of Argentina

Class 1 of 4

Course: Reinvent the public, build the common

Speaker: Gerardo Pisarello (Spain) – Jurist, deputy and former vice mayor of Barcelona

Class 1 of 4

Course: Defending Truth and Democracy on the Digital Battlefield

Exhibits: Julián Macías (Spain) - Activist against digital disinformation and specialist in social networks.

Class 1 of 6

Course: UNASUR: history, apogee and perspectives -

Exposes. Ernesto Samper (Colombia), former president of Colombia and former secretary general of UNASUR

Class 1 of 4

Course: Media Capitalism

Exhibits: Ignacio Ramonet (Spain / France) Former director of Le Monde

Class 1 of 4

Teaching team: Ignacio Ramonet (Spain / France) | Patricia Villegas (Colombia / Venezuela)

Course: Policies of Care

Exhibits: Irene Montero, Psychologist. Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain.

Class 2 of 6

Teaching team: Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta (Argentina) | Irene Montero (Spain) | Anahí Durand (Peru) | Carmen Beramendi (Uruguay) | Eleonora Menicucci (Brazil) | Nadine Gasman (Mexico)

Course: Lawfare as a geopolitical strategy in Latin America

Exposes: Baltasar Garzón, former judge of the National Court of Spain

Class 4 of 8

Teaching team: Carol Proner (Brazil) | Gisele Ricobom (Brazil) | Silvina Romano (Argentina) | Larissa Ramina (Brazil) | Adoration Guamán (Ecuador) | Pedro Serrano (Brazil) | Baltasar Garzón (Spain) | Eugenio Zaffaroni (Argentina) | Juarez Tavares (Brazil)

Seminar "Methodologies and practices of critical social research".

Exhibits: Carlos Figari

Class 1 of 12: An Introduction to Critical Epistemologies-Methodologies.

Teaching team: Carlos Figari | Moira Pérez | Joice Barbosa Becerra | Paula Viturro | Osmundo Pinho | Siobhan Guerrero | Blas Radi | Angela Figueiredo | Rocío Medina

Course: Racism and anti-racism. Policies, struggles and territories

Exhibits: Mara Viveros Vigoya, National University of Colombia

Class 1 of 4

Teaching team: Rita Bosaho (Spain) | Nilma Lino Gomes (Brazil) | Mara Viveros Vigoya (Colombia) | Carlos Álvarez Nazareno (Argentina)

Course: All Science is Politics

Coordinator: Diego Golombek
Guest: Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

Class 1 of 4

Teaching team: Diego Golombek (Argentina) | Diego Hurtado | Fernanda Beigel | Marcelino Cereijido | Erica Hynes | Vanina Martinez

Course: Misogyny as a Weapon of Political Discipline

Exhibits: Dora Barrancos

Class 2 of 4

Teaching team: Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) | Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta (Argentina) | Joana Mortagua (Portugal) | Dora Barrancos (Argentina) | Beatriz Gimeno (Spain)

Course: Educational Policies in the Post-pandemic

Exhibits: David Edwards

Class 4 of 4: "Global teacher struggles in the post-pandemic"

Teaching team: David Edwards (United States) | Camilla Croso (Brazil) | Vernor Muñoz (Costa Rica) | Pablo Gentili (Argentina)

Course: Images of Politics: Photography in the Construction of Emancipatory Narratives

Exhibits: Ricardo Stuckert, prominent Brazilian photographer. He has won numerous international awards. For more than 15 years he has been the official photographer of Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil.

Class 1 of 5

Course: Challenges of Latin American and Caribbean integration

Presents: Celso Amorim, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil

Class 1 of 4 - "The origins of Mercosur as a commercial and economic integration program until its consolidation as a regional integration process"

Course: Sexuality Education and Emancipation in the Cuban Revolution

Exhibits: Mariela Castro (Cuba), feminist sexologist.

Class 1 of 4

International course on State, Politics and Democracy in Latin America

Alberto Fernández, José Pepe Mujica, Dilma Rousseff, Álvaro García Linera, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Alicia Bárcena, E. Raúl Zafaroni, Manuela D´Ávila, Ernesto Samper and Esperanza Martínez.

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