Using Avast silent method is a good way to avoid annoying pop-ups and notices. This function is available in the Settings menu. This will ensure you may focus on work without interruption.

This feature is especially useful for people who function alone. You can perform your laptop or computer work, browse the internet, or watch videos without being cut off.

In order to make use of Avast muted mode, you need to download the software from company’s web page. Then, double click the downloaded file to setup the program. The minimum program requirements will be 512 MB of RAM, a Pentium 3 cpu, and 20 GB of free hard drive space.

You can also use a Avast Hushed Mode in order to avoid annoying notices while gambling. The feature will disable all Avast notifications, just like virus classification updates and security scan outcomes. The mode may also disable announcements that are dispatched when a total screen program is working.

The Hushed Mode feature can also be used in association with the Quiet Setting feature. This will generate a private environment in which you can perform your computer work while not interruptions. Also you can change the name of the app in the Will not Disturb Mode list.

This kind of feature may also help programmers working on notebooks. It will decrease computer noise, so you would not hear announcements while you code. In addition , you are able to disable protection e-mails and many pop-ups.

An additional of Avast silent method is that you will not regret affect the anti-virus engine. This means you can use your computer without distractions, which is significant when playing video games or undertaking presentations.



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